The best gift you can give us is your presence in Serenbe on 10/19/19! But if you insist, we also have three big goals for our first year of married life:

1) Refresh on a honeymoon adventure during Haley's winter break. We’re working on narrowing down locations - any suggestions?

2) Fill our new LA home with love. We just moved into a little two-bedroom house in Venice, which we are furnishing from scratch after selling everything to move out of New York last year. Who knew 900 square feet could feel so big?!

3) Buy two versatile bikes that we can use for both weekday commuting and weekend adventures. We were both avid bike commuters in NYC, even through the winter months. We upgraded to LA weather and want to take advantage!

If you would like to contribute, we set up some registries below to help us meet those goals (plus a few fun additions).

Crate and Barrel

to build out our cooking and hosting supplies.


to buy new furniture.

Williams Sonoma

to perfect our two favorite drinks: coffee and beer.


for honeymooning, biking, house supplies, and date nights.

Thank you! —Jeff and Haley